First Vehicles



First Vehicles – Things that Go! Play & Learn

30 vehicles

Age 1.5+

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Untitled-1cghnj FEATURES:

* Multilingual educational app for toddlers AGE 1.5 and up.

* Learn new words through interactive Peekaboo learning games and 3 fun activities!

* Developed with language educators.

* 30 vocabularies including car, truck, airplane, fire truck, rocket and many more!

About the game:

* Enhance hand-eye coordination

* Vocabulary learning through different activities

* Immersion method through active play

* All language options are available (English, Spanish, French, and Chinese Mandarin)

* Track child’s progress in learning

Target Skills and Developmental Milestones:

* Color recognition

* Visual discrimination

* Auditory processing

* Fine Motor


* Interactive Learning Peekaboo game (2 packs available)

* Coloring (Learn color names in language selected)

* Puzzles (4 levels of difficulty)

* Racing (Moo Moo Steps™ game intelligence keeps your child challenged and not frustrated)


2 interactive learning peekaboo are available as in-app purchases:

City Cars & Trucks Pack (15 words total, 3 FREE for trial)

Water, Air & Space Pack (15 words total, 3 FREE for trial)


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