Animal World


Animal World – Peekaboo Play & Learn

45 Animals

Age 1.0+

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Choose among four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Chinese (Mandarin). Available for all the  peekaboo sets and games. Perfect for bilingual or multilingual kids, it’s also great for learning one  language. It’s a fun way to expose your child to languages at an early age!


3 interactive peekaboo with different scenes. Learn these animal names and their sounds. Children are encouraged to use their hands to discover new animals in this peekaboo adventure! Three packs are available as in-app purchases: LEARNING PACKS:

 FARM ANIMALS PACK (3 Free animals)

 CIRCUS ZOO PACK (3 Free animals)

 BUGS & FOREST PACK (3 Free animals)


See these animals in different colors! As an added bonus, your child can learn colors in any of the  languages selected. Don’t forget to save image of the drawing and email to family and friends in the  Album Folder!


 Each animal comes with four levels of difficulty. Our proprietary learning method Moo Moo Steps™  helps children find the level they enjoy and progresses when they are ready. Begin with one-piece  puzzle for toddlers; when they refine their motor skills, they can move on to more challenging puzzles.


Kids are encouraged to find the right animals with hints and praises. Animals come to life with sounds  and animations. Our proprietary learning method Moo Moo Steps™ allows children to play the games  at their own pace. You can also see their progress in the Achievement folder!

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